Supporters and Tearsheets

Thanks to all our supporters, we are able to make a magazine on our own terms. No investors, no algorithms, no parent companies.  Kindly support us today and keep READY fashion Magazine independent by becoming a Supporting Member on PATREON. Your money pays for our editorial team and creatives who help us promote the models, photographers, designers and stylist’s we publish monthly in our own way!

As a supporter of READY fashion Magazine, we will deliver the digital and print magazines issues directly to you, rather than ordering from MAGCLOUD. We have multiple supporter tiers available with options ranging from live Q&A to get insights on our creative process, early access to tearsheets, including archived content, participation in discussion about future content, one-on-one phone calls with the publisher and opportunities to be credited as an official sponsor of READY fashion Magazine.

Consider a small donation of CAD $8/month to become a READY fashion Magazine Supporter. Membership can be cancelled at any time.

Tearsheets are free and open to the public without membership, but they become available only after the release of the Magazine issue. Early access to tear sheet and draft work in progress (digital) are available to supporting members of READY fashion Magazine on PATREON. Click on the link below, scroll down to find your issue and right-click on the image to download your tear sheets.

Thank you for your support!