Frequently Asked Questions

When do you publish READY fashion Magazine?

READY fashion Magazine is published monthly and each issue has a release date, usually 3-4 business days after the submission deadline. But for most releases the date is 30th of the Month. For example, If you were to submit for May issue, you will submit through May 1st to around May 20th, then we go into production and and release the current issue before May 30th.


Who can submit to READY fashion Magazine?

Anyone may submit editorials to READY fashion Magazine, but please note – the copyright holder is the photographer and he/she may be required give us his written concent or  sign a release form before publication.


How long does it take to get a response on my Submission?

Please allow 3-5 business days to review your submission before you can receive a response. Due to high volume of submissions, you may receive a response only if your submission is approved. However approval does not mean that your submission would be included in the current issue, however it may published in subsequent issues should it meet the flow.


Do you provide free copies to contributors?

READY fashion Magazine currently utilizes MAGCLOUD for print-on-demand, due to the high cost of utilizing a third-party publisher and distributor we are unable to provide free copies. Contributors will however be provided with tear sheets.


When should I expect to receive my tearsheet?

Tear sheets are ussually released on PATREON following 10 business days of the publication date.


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